This is a start-up out of the La Jolla San Diego area and helps people with chronic disease.  I had the same idea as far as a platform where patients can share subjective data, EHR can share lab tests/other diagnostics, and the doctor can share his patient file after my experience with my own chemotherapy treatments.  All of that information can be seen with graphs on the same screen to better deliver medical advice and protocol to patients.  This saves time and money.  I had the pleasure of speaking with the founder of the company today, Naser Partovi, who lost his wife to cancer thus the beginning of his Wellaho platform.  I went through similar experiences so want to help out.  Check out their website here: Wellaho.

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  1. Robb Milley says:

    >>>my own chemotherapy treatments.<<<

    Meghan – you went through all that and still smile all the time?? You are a rock star! Congratulations on youre big win!

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